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**** BREAKING NEWS: In reversal, House GOP now opposes the CHIPS Act. The bill may still have the votes, but it is uncertain. Stay tuned. **** (Updated 10:00am EDT 7/28)


Congress is preparing to appropriate $52 billion dollars to promote domestic production of semiconductors.  This will generally be in the form of grants for both manufacturing and R&D.  Funding decisions will ultimately be made by the Secretaries of Commerce and Defense following the outline set forth in pending legislation. (See below.) 

When Congress spends money, it typically happens in two stages. First, Congress authorizes an expenditure, then, in separate legislation, it actually appropriates the money. In 2021, Congress passed the CHIPS Act, authorizing expenditures for the program as part of the National Defense Bill. However, Congress still needs to appropriate money. Both the House and Senate have passed bills doing that, but the language is not identical. Accordingly, the House and Senate have "gone to conference" to reconcile the differences between the two bills. Advocates are hopeful that a final bill will pass in July 2022 before the August recess, but anything can happen (or not happen). 

The largest corporations have dedicated teams of lobbyists working this issue.  But if your company operates in this space, you too deserve the most up to date information and the opportunity to highlight your capabilities for decision makers. 

Think of us as the Equalizers of the lobbying world. Contact us.


  • Latest version of the CHIPS Act of 2022 passed by the Senate (Known as the Senate Amendment to the House Amendment to the Senate Amendment to H.R. 4346) 

  • The CHIPS for America Act, passed as part of the FY21 National Defense Authorization Act, authorizing appropriations for the program P.L. 116-283 (See sections 9902 and 9906) 

  • U.S. Innovation and Competition Act of 2021, making appropriations for the CHIPS Act (Senate-passed version)

  • Semiconductor Supply Chain, Policy Considerations from Selected Experts (GAO Report


  • 7/28/22 Whip-lash: House GOP moves to oppose CHIPS-Plus bill in rebuke to Manchin deal (The Hill)

  • 7/27/22 Senate Approves $280 Billion Bill to Boost U.S. Chipmaking, Technology (WSJ)

  • 7/20/22 Senate advances more than $50 billion bill to boost U.S. semiconductor production (CNBC)

  • 7/19/22 The Senate could start voting on a slimmed computer chip production proposal as soon as Tuesday. As the whip count churns on, what's in and what's out? (Politico)​

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) dedicated CHIPS Act webpage​​​


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