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How do I get CHIPS Act Funding? 

The CHIPS Act makes $53 billion available for semiconductor manufacturing and R&D, plus a 25% refundable tax credit for qualified CapEx.

See below to discover where your business fits in

BREAKING NEWS (5/8/24)- The Commerce Dept. is making $5-$45 million available for technological development and commercial deployment of open radio units. The application deadline is July, 10. Full details
hereContact us here​ ASAP for a more in-depth discussion.

Flag of USA on a processor, CPU Central processing Unit or GPU microchip on a motherboard.

R&D Funding Opportunities

Small Business R&D – CHIPS Metrology


  • This is an SBIR (small business innovation research opportunity) via the CHIPS Act 

  • Funding: Phase I - Up to $280k over 6 months, Phase II: up to $1.9 million over 2 yrs. Applicants must apply for both phases. An additional $100k may be available for commercialization after. 

  • If you already won an SBIR phase I grant from another agency in a covered topic, you can apply for phase II funding as part of this opportunity.

  • Applicants must be small businesses defined here (fewer than 500 employees etc.)

  • Be aware the government can own some IP rights when you accept SBIR funding

  • Deadline is June 14, 2024


Research Areas  (see pp. 80-85 here)

  • Metrology for Materials Purity, Properties, and Provenance

  • Advanced Metrology for Future Microelectronics Manufacturing 

  • Enabling Metrology for Integrating Components in Advanced Packaging (e.g. Methods for integrating chiplets, dielets, SoCs, and memories into packages )

  • Modeling and Simulating Semiconductor Materials, Designs, and Components 

  • Modeling and Simulating Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes 

  • Standardizing New Materials, Processes and Equipment for Microelectronics 

  • Metrology to Enhance Security and Provenance of Microelectronic-based Components and Product 


Additional Specific Research Areas (see pp. 85-99 here)

  • Near-Real Time RF Propagation Measurement System 

  • Compact, fieldable cryogenics for deployment of superconducting-nanowire single-photon detectors in a circuit-evaluation microscope

  • Microscope for time-resolved emission microscopy with superconducting-nanowire single-photon detectors  

  • Device-Scale AFM-Thermoreflectance Hybrid Metrology 

  • Super-resolution beam scanning, wide bandwidth, optical photothermal infrared (O-PTIR) microscope

  • High brightness compact X-ray or EUV sources for semiconductor metrology  

  • Nanoscale dimensional metrology reference standards to support semiconductor metrology 

  • Advanced Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) detector offering high pixel density, high-speed and low noise operation, and low kV detection enabled by directly detecting electrons using an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) detector. 

  • TEM High Voltage Biasing Holder 

  • Wafer-scale ferromagnetic resonance spectrometer for Advanced MRAM Wafer Data and Quality Control 

Other Funding Opportunities

Computer Processor

I'm a Fab or Packaging Facility

  • Register with SAM

  • File a statement of interest via the application portal

  • File a pre-application based on these requirements. Also see the application materials tab for templates etc. 

  • Government will advise based on the pre-application whether to pursue a full application

  • Need help? Contact our expert grant writing team here

Computer Robot

I'm an Upstream Supplier

  • Currently open to wafer manufacturers, and to suppliers of materials or equipment for which the capital investment exceeds $300MM+.  

  • Register with SAM

  • File a statement of interest via the application portal

  • File a pre-application based on these  requirements on or after Sept. 1. See the "application materials" tab on this website for templates etc. 

  • For smaller projects (<$300MM) file a 15-page concept plan between Dec. 1 and Feb. 1 consistent with these guidelines

  • Need help? Contact our expert grant writing team here​  

Chip Probing

I'm Fabless

  • Application details for R&D facilities are starting to be released. In the meantime:

  • Register with SAM

  • File a statement of interest via the application portal

  • Work with local government to line up the required project incentive (e.g., tax break, land concession etc.)

  • Need help? Contact our expert grant writing team here​.  

Communication Tower

I'm in Wireless Technology

  • The CHIPS Act makes $1.5 billion available for wireless supply chain innovation

  • Now accepting applications for up to $420MM for Open Radio Commercialization and Innovation

  • Application details are available here

  • Deadline: July 10, 2024

  • Contact us for more information:

Image by Kelly Sikkema

I Just Want the Tax Credit

  • The proposed rules for the 25% refundable manufacturing tax credit are available here, here and here

  • Property must be used "used directly in the manufacturing operation" to qualify for the credit.

  • Contact us for more information:


I Make PCBs or Packaging

  • In addition to CHIPS Act funding, the President has made funds available under Title III of the Defense Production Act.

  • Read the press release here and contact us for more information:

University Building

I'm an Educational Institution

  • Businesses submitting grant proposals must partner with educational entities to provide workforce training, so seek corporate partners. 

  • The National Science Foundation gets $200MM to promote growth in the semiconductor workforce

  • $2 billion is available for a DOD led national network for university-based prototyping, lab-to-fab transition of semiconductor technologies and semiconductor workforce training

  • Contact us for more information:

In a Meeting

I'm a Startup

  • Some of the $11 billion in R&D funding will go toward an investment fund. Details on the size and eligibility are yet to be released. 

  • Startups should also look to partner with fabs because as part of their application they must show efforts to invest in R&D 

  • Contact us for more information:

City Skyline

I want to Join a Tech Hub

  • Both DOD and the Commerce Department have designated certain areas as Tech Hubs

  • Once designated, these Hubs have the opportunity to compete for funding by submitting project proposals featuring participating businesses, academic institutions etc. 

  • Each Hub has a different focus area (e.g., AI, GaN, quantum etc.). Businesses should contact the Hub most appropriate for them, geographic area usually doesn't matter.

  • A list of Commerce Dept. Hubs is here. DOD's Microelectronics Commons HUB list is here

  • The DOD hub funding opportunities are available here.

  • The Commerce Hub funding notice is open and available here.

Key Documents


  • White paper for the $3 billion National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program. The first funding round, focused on substrate materials, will open Q1'24

  • Text of The CHIPS Act of 2022 as passed by Congress on 7/28/22 and sent to the President for signature

  • Text of the FY21 National Defense Authorization Act, authorizing appropriations for the CHIPS Act program P.L. 116-283 (See sections 9902 and   9906) ​

  • The Commerce Department's National Security Guardrails for CHIPS funding recipients (i.e., rules restricting grantees from doing business with certain foreign countries)

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